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Friday, February 29

About Me

1.Places I have Lived:

1. Lakewood, CA

2. Cape Girardeau, MO

3. St.Louis, Mo

4. Rexburg,ID

5. Sacramento,CA

6. Provo , Orem, UT

7. SLC, UT

8. Brighton, CO

9. Richmond,VA

2.Jobs I have Had:

1.A lot of baby sitting

2. House cleaning business { Fortners and McCalahans, Thanks Mom and Dad for driving me}

3. Tele-marketer State Farm insurance

4. Central Hardware, again Mom & Dad driving me( to this day the smell of wood and paint make me smile)

5. Waitress: JB's, Chi Chi's. Frontier Pies, Brother Oliver's, Casa de something{downtown Provo}

6. Accountant {book keeper} Steven Brown

7.Limited express {Sales}

8.Nu Skin, Customer Service{ I talked to a lot of Chinese people}

9.Estee Lauder cosmetics { Wienstocks}

10. Lancome Cosmetics, Area Manager all of Cosmetics{ZCMI}

11. Lancome Cosmetics Account Rep, area Manager all of cosmetics { Foleys}

12. Ultimate Electronics Salesperson

13.Fragrance Sales { Nordstrom}

14. Teaching Golf and tennis to 3 to 10 year olds.

15. The Best for last! MOM, Love it!

3.Four Movies That I Love:

1.Hoosiers "I love you guys" Remember the Titans { I know two, but I love a good sports movie} Oh yea " Rudy" I love this one!

2.Seven Brides For Seven Brothers, Music Man { what can I say I love musicals}

3. Mr. Roberts, Bridge Over the River Kwai, Great Escape{ Sad ending} Early war movies, there is one with Gary Cooper that I love he is a sharp shooter, Dad Help me out here? "Sargent York"

4. His Girl Friday, Philadelphia Story, {Not Tom Hanks, but Cary Grant,& Jimmy Stewart} "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" Hepburn & Tracy
oK I lied 5.......

5."Thirteen days"Awesome Cuban missile crisis story anything political as long as it is not rated R

...one more ..." Pride and Prejudice" A&E version six hours of shear delight

4. Food I Love:

1. Mexican


3.Really good Italian{ Anything Diane Vartuli makes}

4.Roasted Vegetables { asparagus, mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, and red peppers}

5.Four weird things about me:

1.I love to win Pie eating contest{ I have won three, against men too, yes I am proud of this}

2. I sometimes scream in the car when I am alone( you should try it, it totally helps)

3.I have been chased down by a small giraffe, I lived to tell the tale.

4.I used to be scared of Big Foot, OK I lied I still am, Happy! {I live in the freaking woods}

6. Favorite TV Shows:

1.I don't really have one, I do enjoy "Psych"

2. I only watch because Skip likes to.

7.Four places I would love to go:

1. Israel "The Holy Land"

2. Ruins in South America

3. Italy, Greece

4.New Zealand


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