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Sunday, May 25

Sunday Thoughts

I have to say that I do love the Sabbath. I enjoy recommitting myself to a new week. I love that our Father in Heaven allows for our imperfections. The plan that he designed gives me so much hope. I love that my cares of the world can take a rest on the Sabbath. I love that despite the rush of getting ready for church,{which sometimes involves yelling, I am working on this}I get to enjoy my children in a totally different way than on other days of the week. I'm not sure how to describe it,but when you take away all the electronics and rough housing and try to devote the time you spend in quiet activities that invite the spirit and conversation, it just changes the Day.

My friend Suzi taught RS today. She taught about righteous traditions{Cheryl Lant's talk from Conference} As she talked I thought of all the righteous tradition my family had. We had allot. One part of the talk said that these traditions don't always just come, you have to make these traditions happen. It takes quite a bit of effort. I thought about my parents and how grateful I am to them for their diligence.Here are a few of the righteous traditions they taught me.

Prayer on the Food

Morning and evening family prayer

Teaching individual prayer

Family Home Evening

Serving in the Church
Diving and Picking up people for various activities,no matter where they lived

Family Scripture Study

Eating dinner together

Willing to set up and clean up at different activities, with out being asked

Dedicated Home and Visiting teachers

Moving who ever needed help even if this meant packing and cleaning for them, with a smile and no bad feelings

Not judging others

Letting people come to our house, when they needed a lift no matter what was going on

Making our house a home for all

Having awesome parties with lots of friends

Making Food Storage a priority

Canning, freezing, dehydrating{remember the onions} and bread making

Appreciating God's beautiful world through painting and admiring them

Making church and God a priority, before anything else

Teaching and Maintaining the teaching of ,Where we came from, Why we are here, and Where we are going.

Laughter and Jokes

Christ like Love and devotion to family


Suzie Soda said...

Wow..I hope you mom and dad read your blog tonight..what a tribute to them. I can't believe how many things you listed.......that is why you are so great....you had such good teachers. I hope I have left a list like that for my kids. I love these conference talks and what they teach us..and remind us of. It is a blessing to be a RS teacher and get to read them so closely and think about them.

Maryann said...

You forgot fourteen day pickles...

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