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Wednesday, July 23

It's not a Race

Hello, I am Laurene and I am a speed demon. I need a twelve step program to over come an addiction to speed { Speeding: Going over the lawful speed limit in the vehicle of your choice, or not... I drive a mini van.} No, I have not received a ticket. I have been trying desperately to go the speed limit. One may wonder,how hard can this be? Just go the correct speed that is posted. {This is harder than it seems when there is a group of people in your head that must be first. I don't know their names, but they all seem pretty nice. Except for maybe one, will call her Norwanda, you wouldn't like her when she is mad or even a little irritated....Believe me or ask my kids about her.}

I realize that many people do not have this problem. I on the other hand struggle every time I get into the car. It is like I am in a race and I need to get to point B from point A as fast as I can. This sounds so crazy, especially since most of the time I have my children with me. I don't drive 100 miles per hour, but pretty consistently about 60-65 in all straight a ways and on the free way I go about 75-80. I do this naturally. I mean my foot just assumes the position that it feels comfortable with. I don't even know I am speeding unless I look down. When I change my speed to the appropriate speed I think, okay I doing good, then I look down and I am speeding again. It could be that I like to sing at the top of my lungs when I drive or that my mind is racing over all that I need to do.

The other thing is I really dislike, people to pass me. Why?... I don't know why. I am a little competitive, but really IT'S NOT A RACE! Somewhere back in the recesses of my mind I do know this. It could be a primal thing. I just know I don't like it. I am doing a lot of self talk for this particular problem.

I am glad I have been working on this. Just last night I drove through the same speed trap that I received my ticket in and I was driving too fast, but only about 5 miles over. I slowed right down when I saw the cop sitting there in the dark. The thing is, just a minute before this I checked my speed and I was doing well within the range of the correct speed.

Several people have given me suggestions; use cruise control to control yourself { which works if I remember} The problem, however is in my head.


2.Being able to drive

3.Free country

PS. Now Jack has read this post and told Sam{the deputy Sheriff} and they are monitoring my every push of the pedal. Great ,now I drive with the Gestapo!


Maryann said...

Slow down and smell the daisies, roses, or any other flower growing by the side of the road....
I would say that you drove in Utah to long but, I think you've always been driving like a bat out of hell....Maybe it was the person who taught you ...oh, he taught me to... It could be to much Star Trek...You really must like the Transporter, maybe you think Capitan Picard will at the end of your journey. Whatever it is I'm proud of you for slowing down. Your kids are in the car and you are their example of how to drive. So seeing your struggle to slow down and be safe will be remembered by all of them.
By the way we found Mackenzie's game hidden under the covers on her bed. Tell Jack thanks for looking for it.

Cristy said...

Use cruise control and use the accelerate and decelerate mode. I just discovered how awesome that is. I know I am a dork because I never knew what it did before about 2 weeks ago!
One thing I think when I am speeding is always that I have my kids in the car, or if alone, what if something happened to me and my kids were left without a mom. So basically I scare myself into driving slower.

Suzie Soda said...

I don't have any miraculious suggestions. Self-talk is probably most effective. If you were a coupon clipper, I'd say, think of all the coupons you have to cut to pay for your ticket. I lost the BIG diamond in my ring today...it was my mon's ring...and I am undone. It was woth aalot of money,,,not to mention the sentimental value. I am sure I will toss and turn tonight. I am praying for a miracle..pray for me too!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laurene! I recently wrote on my blog about this subject as well -- being in a hurry. We just have so much to do and have to factor in unseen interruptions, so we try to control what we can ... the gas pedal!


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