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Saturday, October 25

Cast of Characters

We had the annual "Trunk or Treat" at church last night. The kids had a blast. Claire loved the whole experience. She was on sensory overload with all the great sights and sounds. I planned on entering the chili cook off with my MEATLESS chili. It was a little crazy before hand trying to get the chili and corn bread made, while making last minute changes to costumes. Isn't that always the way...at least in my house!

Claire was the "Cowardly Lion". She said she was a nice lion. She was all smiles.

Till she got really hot.

Hey,where's my candy?

Blake was the fierce renegade cowboy...going around pulling legs!

....and giving loads of hugs!

Sam was the Mystical Magician, playing tricks on everyone.

Prepare to be amazed!

Jack came up with his own outfit he was 'Cloudy with a Chance of Rain'.

Watch out for a down pour.

Jack won most original costume. Last year he was CGI guy. This year he decided to go the more traditional route. Hee!Hee! I won best chili, out of twenty-five chili entry's. My friend Beth and I both won and both were meatless. I felt a little vindicated, since Skip always tells me it would be better with meat. There were ten judges. Seems to me that is allot of different pallets telling the story. You try it. The recipe is under food in the cloud on the side bar. Tell me what you think.
Carlie and team did an AWESOME job putting the whole thing together. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Let the trading begin!

All this candy gives me a headache! How long do I let the kids feast. One of my friends pays her kids for the candy. Do you think is this wise? All these people spend all this money on candy and then to just throw it away, waste not want not?

Couldn't we just change this Halloween thing to Candyless, maybe everyone could give away all their change, pennies do add up.

Maybe we don't need to give away any thing, just have the kids dress up and have a big party with dessert type treats, live music they can sing and dance to, games,crafts and lots of visiting. That sounds familiar to me. Deja vue! Give me your thoughts. ....And what about the whole gory, horror thing do we need that? Just wondering.


ShelleyG said...

Fun! Love the costumes-very original, Jack!! I remember when my kids used to let me dress them all coordinating on a theme! Not any more! What DO you do with all the candy?! It is too much!! I too hate to waste it, but a I have started just throwing it away when no one is looking! Congrats on the chili! Our party is this Wed. It is the biggest party of the year-I always wonder about that!! :)

George and Eva Ross said...

Great costumes! Way to go Jack! All the kids look great! I doubt we can get rid of the candy thing. We used to have 150-300 kids, depending on the year, hit our house in Page. I loved seeing all the costumes.
We haven't seen costumes for Halloween here. They do carnival, which gets a little out of hand. The Christmas stuff is going in the stores big time. One store has awesome decorations. I doubt we will decorate, since it is a waste of money and lack of storage place for the items to be retained for next year. We do have a tree for the branch, that should be interesting.

Cristy said...

Very original Jack!! Way to go Laurene.
I hate the gory stuff...I mean Why??

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