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Sunday, January 25

"This is Rock and Roll! "...Said Claire

What do 'This Is The Life' ' Living On A Prayer' 'Chasing Cars' 'Bad Day' ' Wizards of Winter' and 'Barracuda' have in common? Well.... these are just a hand full of songs preformed at Jacks Concert last night. With forty-three songs preformed and about the same number of artists {Each kid was show cased in some way} the fifth semi annual 'Richmond School Of Rock Concert' went off with just a few hitches. Although it was long, four and a half hours long, it was extremely enjoyable.

Jack played key board on 'Don't Ask Me Why.' His solo turned out great. He also played key board on ' Can't Buy Me Love'. Although nervous Jack stepped up to the plate and loved it.

Jack, Sam and I arrived at the concert early and got a good seat. Skip brought Blake and Claire one hour after the concert had begun. After they arrived Claire was dancing in the aisle and Blake was grooving to the music. They loved it! Sam was into it too. Next year he wants to play the drums in the concert.{I am not sure I could handle that. I am sure there is a hospital some where with a solarium full of mothers whose kids play the drums!}

Claire played a pretend electric guitar, which she informed me was PINK. Why would I assume any different? As she pulled down on the whammy bar she yelled, "This IS Rock and Roll!" ....TOO FUNNY.

Blake informed me that he decided he would play the drums or the electric guitar for his instrument of choice and not the acoustical one. I informed him he would play the piano as my instrument of choice before any other as it is the foundation from which he could learn music. He then informed me and I quote," The piano is the easiest instrument to play since the wash board." Thank you yet again, Blake, for enlightening me with your vast knowledge. At least he didn't say, "SINCE CHEESE!"

I am so proud of Jack. He is really growing up. He told me that he had fun and that maybe he might want to try the guitar instead of the violin.....anyone know a good hospital?


Ignore the dust and notice the time, 11:27 pm. This is when we arrived home from the Rock Concert and I realized I don't have keys to get into the house. I have misplaced them.

This is the door I so desperately want to get into. It is so late!!! This is the sustenance I have just in case Skip can't get home to save me.

These are the monkeys that helped me clean out the car at 11:30 at night.{I had to keep them busy. NO CRYING please. They were so tired, me too!} It was a little dirty and it needed to be cleaned. I guess fate held us there so we could pick up trash and clean the sticky places with wet wipes, while we waited for Skip, Jack, and Sam to get home from cleaning up after the concert, with the KEYS.

My favorite thing about this experience was peeing in the woods. Not me!... Blake. He did not want to go, but he needed to go bad. Claire had the only bottle and she wasn't giving it up for that reason.

I took Blake out of the car and walked him to the edge of the woods. He was pretty nervous. It was really dark and quiet. So I told him," Aim for that tree trunk. Aim as high as you can." This got Blake going HEE! HEE!

He told me," That was the best peeing I have ever seen. Have you ever seen anything like that Mom?" "No , No I have not."

Mean while I kept a smile on my face and the kids to bed by midnight! Sunday morning was a bear! ....Anyone have any idea where my keys are?


George and Eva Ross said...

Way to go Jack!

I can't believe they let a concert go four and a half hours! That is too late for kids to be out. I thought some of Brad and Deb's concerts were too long at a couple of hours plus.

Brad played percussion for 7 or so years and we didn't mind at all because all the practicing on the real thing was at school. He used a practice pad at home. Of course, he also tapped his fingers on everything, including at meals, etc.

Even Deb's trumpet wasn't bad to put up with, in fact, I enjoyed listening to them practice. Again, much of the practicing was completed at school.

I love to hear about the kids being involved in musical endeavors. We have quite a few musical grandchildren. We might consider a talent night at the next family reunion.

Lewismom said...

Laurene, I hope you don't mind but I am STILL laughing! WHERE do they come up with these things?
I thought that was really good thinking of you to get them to help clean the car out. It's a lot better than you sitting there crying with them, but the best was Blake peeing! You are definitley... THE WOMAN! You rock!

Suzie Soda said...

I hope you will be here next year to participate again..it sounds very fun.I want to go to it. xoxo

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