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Wednesday, February 11

Investigation by Experience at the potty!

I am telling you now if you are squeamish do not read this.....okay, you have been forewarned..... read now if you want a good laugh.

Claire is pretty much finished potty training. Except for a few accidents at night she is doing pretty well. So now she is investigating this new found freedom of panties, bathroom etiquette and all that is fun and new when using the bathroom.

I am now letting her peruse the bathroom duties herself. Which means I leave, per her demand. I mean according to her she is a big girl.
Yesterday, in one trip to the bathroom, to which Claire told me, "I have to go ....poop and pee...{these are words I despise, in fact I cannot even believe I am using them. Please don't judge... I don't want to use cute made up words ..... I guess I could use the technical terms of ...you know what they are...I can't bare to write them .....think about it}

I came back in to wipe, to which she responded to me," Mom, there is poop in the trash."
ME- Disgusted, as I look in the trash right next top the toilet, " Claire how did that happen?"
She looks me straight in the eye while sitting there and shrugs her shoulders.
ME-, " Claire how did this happen?"
CLAIRE-" I don't know."
ME-"Claire did you put it there?"
She shakes her head yes.
ME-" Claire why?"
CLAIRE-,"I don't know,.... I wanted to see what it was...{She looks at me then at her hands}....Big girls don't put there pop in the trash do they?......and little baby's don't either."
ME-" No Claire they don't."
CLAIRE-," I won't do that anymore...it is gross, right Mom."
ME, "Yes very yucky."

Then today, I know you are holding your breath, She was using the potty and again I went to wipe and her little bottom was wet.
ME- "Claire why is your bottom wet?"
CLAIRE," Mom if you put your bottom down like this you can touch the water with your bottom. It is cold."
ME- "Claire, please don't do that."
CLAIRE-Looking at me with a very serious face"Big girls don't put there bottom in the potty water...right?"
ME- "Right!"

This is nothing like what the boys did. It is all new and I mean all!

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Suzie Soda said...

Wow..she will love this someday if it is published in your journal. The joys of raising kids....but who thought it would be your little girl who would be so CREATIVE :)

Mackenzie said...

Claire is quite the adventurous big girl.

Beth said...

Uhgg! I know the feeling you had in the pit of your stomach after the realization of what she did. I'm just impressed that you could stomach it enough to write it out! (Riley's had similar--like Suzie said-- "creative activities")
Yuck!!! No one ever told us what we'd have to do as parents! =)

brossettelewis said...

I love Claire.

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