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Tuesday, August 25

Enjoying TV with my Kids

We have a TV just like most people. We have two! Big deal. I would prefer to have none. Really there isn't anything worth watching on a regular basis. I am glad for this modern convenience so we can watch Conference. Still, with that said, there it is staring at me every day saying watch me I dare you. My children long to watch something. I began to think what could we watch that would be family friendly and not push the spirit right out of the room.

So many shows rely on sarcasm and cut downs to entertain or you have violence and sex. Have you ever seen what they are showing on the Hallmark Family Channel? "Yuck" is all I can say and Family is right in the name. Last year we let Jack watch "American Idol" for the lame reason so he could know what all the other deacons in the ward were talking about. It is lame, because I ask you," How does that show invite the spirit into our home?" It doesn't, in no way does it. It is all about the world.

I just had a new friend tell me as she has gotten older, been married longer and had children get older she has decided the only advice she can give to anyone about raising a family is to make sure they feel the spirit strong in the home, so that when they leave and go out into the world they can feel the difference between a place of solace, uplifting, love filled and a place that is empty.

There are many places in this world that the spirit can reside. I realize this, but we have been commanded to make our homes A Heaven on this earth where the spirit of the Lord can dwell.
So, I say no to many movies, no to many video games, no to many Internet sites and I get flack all the time. I have my son watch some lame show so he can fit in, well I am through with that.

It is hard being the Lone Wolf. Moroni walked a lonely road for many years. I was going to say, "Not that we are being hunted by our enemies." and I stopped and thought too strong,..... but I was right. We are being hunted and the hunter gets into our homes and safe places by us relenting. We say," Oh it is only a little violent or just language and they hear it all the time at school." Do we really need to bring it in our homes then and have them partake willingly. I don't think so. I say fight to keep our homes safe. Seal up all the cracks.

I struggle myself. I love all the " Borne" movies and I love all Super Hero movies, Hulk, Batman, Iron Man....please I eat this stuff up. Give me a Science fiction show and watch me drool. Action I crave Action with a great plot and good dialogue. What to do? How lame to say " Oh, no those movies are just for adults." Are our Spirits not as important? Does the Spirit stay with us because of our age and we have more tools to fight all the worldly bombs in these movies? I doubt it.

I am in no way perfect. I just want my children to be armed with all the Lord has promised them. He gave me the charge to protect them, teach them, and help them to recognise his spirit so they will know him and know the enemy.

Okay my rant is over.

We are working our way through," The Andy Griffith Show" one a week. So far so good. It is pretty wholesome. It is funny. There are good examples of supporting others as opposed to ripping everyone up. There are good examples of spending time with Family. There are good examples of making mistakes, paying the price, making amends and forgiveness. Many examples of community service and serving others all the time. We are enjoying it.

"Little House on the Prairie" is next:) Maybe " The Walton's" GOOD NIGHT JOHN BOY!


Mom's Thoughts said...

I feel your pain and concern! We similarly anguished over what was appropriate for our children to watch on TV. It is even harder to find suitable things today. We always worried that if we restricted too severely, our kids would simply choose to go elsewhere for entertainment and that would be worse than what they might see at home. So we tried to strike a happy balance. We found enough things that were “appropriate” and came up with a list of “inappropriate.” Since our kids turned out so perfect (see Skip) I guess we did some things right.
We found that being too restrictive only created a sense of gloom and made our kids not want to be home. For us, the challenge was to make the home environment as welcoming as the world’s environment. It took a lot more work and thought, but it was worth it.
We always tried to follow the Prophet Joseph Smith’s counsel, “Teach them correct principles and let them govern themselves.” I know your children will make right choices in life because of the good things you have taught them.

Love George and Eva

Kim said...

Teen tip - (We always read online why a movie got it's rating before going to see a film.) I have found when I let my kids tell me if they think something is appropriate, they are much more selective and strict than I would have been had I dictated their choice.
The Hannays love watching America's Funniest Home Videos, America's Got Talent, and American Idol. I guess you can say we are All-American!

Laurene Ross said...

Okay Kim I need some good sources for movie reviews.I know what you mean Jack is the same way about sensoring himself.

Thanks Eva. I am trying to figure out what things would be good to have to keep the teens wanting to come and hang out here.

Suzie Soda said...

Greg loves Andy Griffith..he watches it every night. xoxo

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