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Tuesday, September 15

Of Space and Salad

This is my Garden. I am proud that I was able to grow something this summer. Most of the garden is greens and they will grow right through the fall. At least I will have some basil for homemade Lemon Basil Pesto and some of my own Kale and Rainbow Chard to go in our smoothies. This makes me smile!
Look at these veggies...yum! Thank you to a dear friend that brought the Farmers Market to me from her wonderful garden. If only my family would eat them.

I grated the zucchini,( for sneaking into chocolate cakes and red sauce. I froze all the greens (beet tops included) to go in our lushes green smoothies.( these the kids will eat) The carrot tops were too strong for the smoothies ( good in salads, but no one will eat but me.) The beets made it into smoothies too and some were roasted ( again I am the only one that ate these.) Do you sense a theme. My husband has an allergy to many Veggies and that doesn't really help my plight of eating more plant base foods. I mean, I drive by a farm and see Rainbow Chard growing in abundance and start to drool.

I am up late at night searching for that perfect recipe. One that my whole family will say," It is a keeper." I have been striking out a lot lately.... let's see butternut squash soup..no...sweet potato kale stew ( I even threw in some chicken..kind of like a pot pie. very comfort foodie...) No....Any rice dish...No..... and I am getting somewhat discouraged.

I am down to meat once a week mostly salmon and some chicken. So that seems pretty sparingly.??? Next on my lists of food experiments is veggie Chimichangas made with mushrooms and green chilies. It sounds good to me. Add a little guacamole and homemade salsa and you have got a winner.

Dinner is just so depressing to think about. Every night the same,"Can we have pizza? Tacos?" When there is so much more..more flavor, more good food!


We went Star gazing Saturday night. I felt guilty for skipping out on Stake conference, but I had this planned with the kids before I knew about that and it was quality family time. Even Skip came. The kids loved it and so did I. Skip, however, doesn't think we need a telescope. He said," I had a good time, but I can look up and see just what I saw through those telescopes. Stars only bigger." Kind of true....but the image of Jupiter with the four moons lined up was pretty spectacular. We got home around 10:30...late, but so fun!


Emily said...

I love the new blog header! You do the greatest things with your kids!
So our Stake Conference is on Halloween (Sat). Is trick or treating a good family time activity? Probably not, but that star gazing sounded marvelous. I love those times when EVERYONE gets to be there. (And we have a ward trunk or treat the night before, and a great Halloween thing at the zoo, and a fabulous pumpkin patch, so they'll survive!) :)

ShelleyG said...

Fun new header! I hear you on the dinner thing. Its discouraging when you try new stuff and have to eat it yourself. Keep trying-someday they will appreciate it! Is Skip allergic to raw veggies? Nicole can't even touch them or she gets itchy, but once they are cooked she is OK.

Maryann said...

Keep doing what you do.....Someday they may like them or not. I'm still not a huge veggie person. I think it is really a texture thing. Your kids don't eat a lot anyway so maybe you should consider a small dime size portion a winner.

Love the new header. I wish I could do that on my blog. Maybe I'll try. It may take me 3 days to figure it out.

Laurene Ross said...

Michelle- Skip is allergic to everything! Most raw veggies make his mouth itch too. He is not on the adventurous side when it comes to food.

Maryann-Are you kidding your blog looks fantastic. Mine needs something. It just takes to long to figure out what!... and yes they eat like birds.

Jenny said...

I have a great recipe for Spinach Burritos. Brad and I love them, but not the kids, so I don't get to make them very often. I'll email it to you.

the Provident Woman said...

What a great garden! I had a large one and barely got anything out of it this year.

Cristy said...

Laurene, How did you get a garden in with just moving there? My gosh, you are superwoman!!
ps. I like your new header

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