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Wednesday, September 23

A " Wickedly " good time!

I love living where we do. We are on an Island about a 35 min ferry ride from downtown Seattle. Pretty sweet! Skip gets up every morning and catches the 6:20 ferry over to Seattle. Lucky....

He walks out the door about 6:05 and walks down to the ferry. It takes about 10 min. Sometimes when he is running late I drive him. I have to laugh every time, because it just reminds me so much of going to school. The side walk is full of men and women hustling down to the dock to catch the ferry. The street is full of bike riders on there way to catch the ferry and then there are the ones that are getting dropped off at the ferry{ by their moms....lol...}. Some people are walking fast { a slight jog} because they are running late. If you miss you have to wait about an hour for the next one. Bummer... Last Friday afternoon I walked down to catch the ferry on my way to Seattle to see the Musical "Wicked". I was all excited about it and I thought I had all my ducks in a row { isn't that always the way} the kids had pizza ordered, they were getting the table set and there was a promise of no fighting while I was gone. I am walking along, about half way to the boat, enjoying myself, taking a silent survey of all the things I was carrying in my purse....phone...wallet..unbrella...tissue...sweater...tickets????? AHHH the tickets! I forgot the tickets. I call Jack and tell him to have Sam hoof it up the hill to me with the tickets. {our house is in at the bottom of a hill} Now I am almost jogging to the ferry. I am sure I look ridiculous.

I get to the ferry in plenty of time...whew!

I have a lovely ride on the top deck, with the cool breeze blowing in my face. The view is spectacular and it is quiet. We pull into the "Emerald City". I call Skip and he says he is waiting at the end of the path for me. His office is five blocks up from the ferry.

I walk down the path with a hundred other people. I am telling you it is so fun to walk this city and believe me we walked a lot Friday night....up to Pikes Place Market....up to sixth and pine for dinner,{ which was a yummy pear ravioli, with a white Gorgonzola cream sauce, sprinkled with walnuts....}
We kind of got turned around using a Map App on Skip's phone after dinner and we walked up and down two blocks trying to find the right bus line that would get us to the theater. The buses are free in the city, BUT NOT AFTER 7 PM! { Just a Little tid-bit THAT WOULD BE NICE TO KNOW!}
I am kind of freaking out on the inside, because if I miss the beginning of the show and have to wait ten minutes to get in I will be so.....I will FREAK OUT! We think we find the right bus, try to get on, realize it cost money {correct change, all I have is a ten} while in line, on the bus, looking at the driver.... he is not too happy with me.... He says with a look of disgust," Go ahead and put it in , but I won't give you any change." Really, you don't have to be so rude! We push back down, off the bus. I am feeling a little disparate now. Then I see two little girls with black witch hats on. We follow them. It was AWESOME!!!!! I loved it. I was sitting there wishing my kids were there. They know all the songs by heart and sing them with me at the top of our lungs in the car and kitchen. They are going to love it when I take them. Skip said he enjoyed it and thought it was quite clever.

I was green all over!
We walked back down to the ferry at 12:00AM. There were people all over. I think, what are these people doing up walking the streets at this hour? Making it to the ferry in plenty of time, we mosey on down to the MC-D"S near the ferry dock. There we meet up with two friends from our ward that also went to "Wicked" They offer a ride back to the house after the ferry. Which was so nice. Thank you a million times over! Walking home at 1:00 in the morning was starting to not seem so charming.


George and Eva Ross said...

How cool! We are pretty out of it. We haven't heard of "Wicked". What a great date night activity.

Maryann said...

I'm green with envy!! I want to see it. Of coarse I don't know all of the songs like you and Clarie, but I'd be willing to learn.

ShelleyG said...

Fun! I really would love to see this musical too. I have heard it is great. I am glad you guys had a fun date nite!

Brooke said...

I LOVE your green face! Very clever.

Billie said...

I loved this post! What a wonderful date night! I love Seattle and I love Wicked! I'm glad you had such a great time with it. If you had remembered those dang tickets it would of been too perfect. Now you can make the next time even better!

Marissa said...

Ha Ha! love the Witch Laurene picture! Now if your kids ever call you a witch you can say, "That's right, I am one!" I loved Wicked too - let's see if I'll EVER get Denton to see it with me.
This post makes me want to live in seattle - I would LOVE riding the ferry and walking everywhere.

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