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Sunday, November 22

Recipe Club

I have been feeling out of place since moving. I guess this is normal. I have met a lot of people and some wonderful women. Yet, I have an empty feeling in my gut. You know the feeling when you walk into a party and everyone smiles at you, there is some small talk, after all the pleasantries are done, everyone settles into their group and you end up feeling like the person standing without a chair in musical chairs. You are out of the game.

While I doubt this is the way people mean for it to be, it is just the way it is until you get your bearings and make some friends. The process of becoming friends can take a while. I decided I was the captain of my destiny. I decided I loved "Recipe Club" Richmond, so why not here? This way I could get to know some women a little better.

I sent out the invitations and waited. Everyday checking for RSVP"S. This was a long, drawn out, painful process. Slowly after two weeks I had 5 yes, 6 undecided, 15 no, and 44 hadn't responded. Okay, I thought this is good.

The day of the RC I received four cancellations......great, I thought maybe this will be a bust. I was stressed out and a migraine was pounding at my front door. Oh well ......nothing I can do but just prepare and hope for the best.
The Table was decorated and the mood was set and I waited.

We had six women show up for the first monthly meeting of Recipe Club. The conversation was wonderful. There was a great spirit of love and sisterhood between us. I really enjoyed getting to know these women.

I find it so comforting to know that anywhere I go I can find a group of incredible women to share thoughts, feelings, and experiences. They left early by my standards, which was fine. My migraine was dulled quite a bit and I was feeling like it was a success.


Emily said...


Good for you! I plan to start one in January.

At some point I guess I'll email Suzie and ask her to take me off the Richmond email list, but not yet. I sure miss it.

Heather Payne said...

You rock. I HATE moving because of exactly what you described. It takes me at LEAST a year to know how to get around without a map, have a doctor, dentist, and hair stylist I like, but more importantly, to have a GOOD friend I can call when life is yucky. Way to be proactive. Hopefully it will spread and grow as the word gets out.

On another (more superficial) note, how did you do the leaf bags? Those look gorgeous.

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry I couldn't be there! Please let me know when the next one is, I'll try my hardest to make it. I'm always in the mood for new recipes. Just today as I sat down to make up my menu for the week, I thought "There's nothing in my recipe collection that I want to make!" Maybe it's because of cooking a huge meal on Thursday, but I think I'm just getting tired of the old stand-bys.

I wish I could have stayed in the Primary presidency with you a little longer...serving together is always a great way to get to know someone. You're right, it does take time. Don't give up, it will happen!

Suzie Soda said...

Love the picture, I was trying to find my face in the crowd. There looked like one older gal.....that was probably me...except not as crazy, huh? Your table looked awesome. I am sure everybody loved it. I hate we are not coming out for the nativity to the Gooch this year. Miss you. Let's plan a NYC trip with all the old recipe gals that want to go.......and see a play.xoxo

Pamela said...

I would have totally come to your Recipe Club, Laurene. I miss you!

Pam Pilch

Laurene Ross said...

Heather- I bought the bags. The extent of my craftiness begins and end with my wallet....sad but true.

Jenny-Dec 15th, I would love it if you came! You are arte missed in Primary, but I know RS really is blessed to have you.

Pam- Jump on a plane! .....no? I know your here in spirit....miss you:)

Suz- Please you can not be replaced, only your spirit can live on. I carry it with me always.

Katie H said...

What a great idea! I've been feeling welcomed, but a little lonely, so perhaps me getting off my duff & setting something up will be just the thing. Thanks for the post. :)

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