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Friday, February 12

Musings From Claire

CLAIRE- {announces out of the blue at the dinner table} " I am not going on a mission"

ME- " Why not."
CLAIRE-" Because I am going to be a Mommy. I can't wait.....I don't want to be a Grandma."
ME-" Well.....you can go on a mission and be a Mom after. Your Aunt Michelle did and she has five kids. She is a great Mommy."
CLAIRE-{ Thinks about this}" Okay, I will be a missionary and teach the Gospel and about Jesus and about being a Mom....is it Legal for a Missionary to teach about being a Mom?"
ME- "Yes."
CLAIRE-" Who will I marry After My mission?.....I will marry your husband."
ME-" No, he is mine....get your own."
CLAIRE-"Then who.....Sam? { She says with a smile, looking at Sam.}
ME- " No, you cannot marry your brother."
CLAIRE-" It's not legal to marry your brother?"
ME-" No,....but you could marry Timmy or Andre..they are nice boys." { Boys in her church class}
CLAIRE-" No." Shaking her head.
ME-" What if ten boys asked you to marry them?"
CLAIRE-{ Thinks for a second} "I will marry of them each, one at a time, is that legal?"
ME- " No."
CLAIRE-{Without missing a beat.}" Then I will say....sorry....."
ME-" To who?"
CLAIRE-" All of the boys, but one....right? Just one is legal?"
ME-" Yes."
CLAIRE-".....and we will live with you and you can be a grandma...but not me."

Did you need something?{Uh.... ya...that is my phone.}
"Mom, I don't want to practice my letters on your IPhone. I'm talking to Riely, she is my best friend you know." { How old is this girl?}


Suzie Soda said...

Too too cute. Wish she was here so I could hear hear cute voice. Come visit. xoxoxo

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