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Thursday, February 11

Sam's 10th Birthday!

Sam turned 10 yesterday. We started off the day with a little math and then piano lessons. I figured that was just not going to cut it for a birthday , so I suggested we take the ferry over to Seattle to the Science Museum. They had a new exhibit about Mars and since we have been studying space and geology, I thought we could have fun learning. Sam thought that would be great.

Here we are with the Cake. I went and bought a small cake at Whole Foods. Sam said I didn't need to buy a cake we could just eat the two we already had at home.{My cakes from my birthday...mostly eaten} ....like I would just piece them together and throw some candles on top, I don't think so. He needed his own. This smile told me I was right.

We stopped in at the food court by the museum for some refreshment and a foot massage for the birthday boy. He was so pleased.

The refreshment was not my idea of good food. They seemed to suck down the Orange Julius with no problem. It was a good chaser to the chips they devoured. Food for the mind!

Inside the Museum we had fun building rockets and blasting them off. Jack was able to feel what it would be like to walk on Mars. Sam tested the gravity factor on his face. Then we watched a great movie about the Mars Rovers, Opportunity and Spirit. Claire kept asking, "Are these guys real or just pretending to be scientist?""Are they good guys?" and then after they said the Rovers would never return to Earth. Claire responded," That is just so sad."

The bubble machine is always a big hit. These guys and little girl made some huge bubbles!

We came home on the 5:30 ferry with Skip. Pizza and cake were on the menu for dinner. We opened presents while the pizza cooked. Sam received Lego's. I know big shocker, but that is what he loves. While he was preoccupied with the Lego's, I hurriedly decorated....because that's how I roll! Claire was thrilled with my decorating skill, throwing me compliments like candy. She was so happy we were able to get in all the components of a "Birthday Celebration." Sam was surprised when he came into the kitchen and gave me a big hug.

After we ate, blew out the candles and played some more, Skip and I were ready for these guys to hit the hay. Then Sam pulls one out of left field,

SAM-" Mom are we going to watch Star Wars II now?" {It was 10PM}

ME- " Uhh... no, not tonight sweetie. It is really late."
SAM-" But you promised when I turned 10 I could see Star Wars II."
ME- " What....I did? Honey, when did I promise that?"
SAM-" Last year, you promised, no matter what, I could watch it ON MY BIRTHDAY."
ME- " I do not recall that and I really don't think I would promise that. Maybe I said when you turned 10 you could see that movie....."
SAM-{Very emotional now} " You promised on my birthday, no matter what. You promised! { almost crying}
ME- " Sam, I don't make a lot of promises and I don't think I said that. I would be happy to have a date with you for another evening to watch that movie, just you and I...."
SAM-" You promised. YOU PROMISED!" {crying now}

Wow, I did not expect this. There was no way we could watch this movie at that time. To make matters worse the whole lot of them have been grounded from movies for the next four weeks........Whew, things were not going well.

I put Sam to bed , told him I loved him and that if we could work on the things we needed to, we could schedule a date for another time. He seemed a little better. ......Fast forward to tonight, after dinner was all cleaned up.

SAM-" Mom are we going to get these guys to bed so we can have our date?"
ME-" No, It is time for everyone to get ready for bed. I told you we would have to wait four weeks and work on obeying in a timely manner."
SAM-" You Promised, last night, you promised we would have special date."
ME-" I didn't promise , but I did say we would have a special date in four weeks."

It went on for ten minutes and ended in tears. I am not sure what to do. The poor kid is so distraught........so am I! Sam is such a great guy and I just love him to death, but there is no reasoning with him when he gets something in his head.


Brooke said...

You've got to sit down with him and a calendar and schedule that date! Once it's on the calendar (IN PEN), my kids will usually be content. I let them cross off the days as they pass, so they can see that we are getting closer to the special day.

Happy Birthday Sam!

Suzie Soda said...

I like Brooke's idea. Stick to your guns,mama.
I remember the days....vaguely. xoxo

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