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Wednesday, March 24

Pinewood Mania!

"Hey Priscilla, are you going to the Pinewood Derby this Saturday?"......." Yes Victoria, of course, I wouldn't miss it!" .......These are what Claire considers Barbies. I must give Aunt Maryann credit for this. She gave them to her. It works for me! {kind of reminds me of Maryann and me}
On your mark.... get set.... go!....
Sam is testing out the awesome car that Skip and he built.
Skip is giving Sam last minute instructions on the In's and outs of graphite.
Skip will not be attending the Pinewood Derby. He has a business trip. Sam is pretty upset about this.
Perfect weight! I am in the Primary over the Scouts, so Sam has ask if I can change the date. I told him that it was kind of late for that. He was pretty upset.
Have you ever prayed for something that you really want? Sam has been praying for the past two weeks and has asked all of us to pray also, for his biggest desire. ...... "Heavenly Father, Please help my Dad to come home Friday night, so he can come to the Pinewood Derby. He has worked really hard helping me to build a great car. He really deserves it. If there is anyway, please help him to know it. " Every personal prayer and every family prayer for the past two weeks.....my heart melts every time.
Sam rocks my world!


Butlers said...

In all our years of Pinewood Derbys, I have NEVER seen an "upcycled" car. I really hope he wins and that his dad magically appears!

Suzie Soda said...

Very cool car. I hope something works out that Skip can be there. Wish you were here to go to the Home and Garden tour with me in April. Come visit. xoxo

Cristy said...

Can you videotape and have skip watch it with him? Poor guy...

ShelleyG said...

What a great car! I can still remember 2 of Skip's cars. He had a slim purple one and a big one that was a van. I was always so fascinated by them but never was allowed to touch them! :) I hope Sam has a great night no matter what! :)

Kim Hannay said...

STEVE said...

I always thought Skip would be the best "Pine Wood Derby Dad". I was right. What a great car. Very creative. We always tried to do creative things with our boys cars, however, they barely made it down the track. I'm sure Sam's is also built for speed!

Too bad he has to work. But what a great example of working hard to provide and make the Pine Wood Derby possible for Sam.

Laurene Ross said...

Thanks guys, the car turned out really great.
Katie-We are praying that he will magically apear.
Michelle- things have not changed, Skip still freaks out if anyone touches it and it cracks me up.I guess he's afraid the alignment will get messed up:)
Cristy- We are going to use my phone to send video updates to Skip. Thanks for the idea.
Steve-Skip is very intense when it comes to building pinewood derby cars. We too cannot figure out how to make them fast:) but they look good!

George and Eva Ross said...

Hi Rosses,

Did Skip follow the example of his dad and not allow his son to even touch the car? (One of my biggest errors in being a father.)

Ask Skip, he'll remember.

Grandpa Ross

Derby Monkey said...

Congrats to Sam (and Skip) for building a super cool Pinewood Derby car. I realy like the toothpaste tube idea. Great Job!!!

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