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Thursday, February 7

"Forty Lessons Learned"

1. You don't know what is going on in anyone elses life, don't judge. (My Mom)

2.It's fine, it will be fine, don't worry.( My Dad )

3. No gossip! (My Mom)

4. Write down the pro's and the con's, then make the decision.( My Dad)

5. Love everyone. (My Mom)

6. How to show respect to my Mom. (My Dad)

7. Invite people over, even if you only have tuna fish, carrot sticks and popcorn.( My Mom)

8. It's fun to surprise people with gifts.(My Dad)

9. Serve with a smile and willingly. (Mom ans Dad)

10. Live what you believe.( Mom and Dad)

11.Party's are Fun, especially Halloween.(Mom and Dad)

12.How to can food, cook, and sew. (My Mom)

13. How to deep dust and deep clean. ( My Dad)

14. Family is important. (Mom and Dad)

15. Even if you only have one outfit make sure you take care of it.(MY Mom)

16. It's better to be over dressed then under dressed.( My Mom)

17. How to change the oil and spark plugs on a Valari, and not to leave just enough gas to get up the hill. (MY Dad)

18. Enjoy the ride even if you are lost, because you are really not lost you are just seeing new things that you might need to know where they are at some future date, and you will be able to find them. (My Dad)

19.How to dance, in the living room.( Mom And Dad)

20. Sometimes you have to wait, For the bathroom.(My Mom)

21. How to play basket-ball, and not do cart wheels after you score.(Mom and Dad)

22. When little boys wake up inthe middle of the night crying, they don't know it, but they gotta go.(My Mom)

23. Get an education. ( Mom and Dad)

24. How to ween a baby. ( My Mom)

25.Reading is fun.(Mom and Dad)

26.Cut your hair, color your hair, it will make you feel better.(My Mom)

27. Your hair will always grow back, take a chance. (My Mom)

28. Tickle your kids and be a bucken bronco, til some one gets hurt. ( My Dad)

29. Sing while you are in the car, the more the merrier.(Mom and Dad)

30.Tell your kids that they can do anything, and they will.(Mom and Dad)

31. Tell your wife you love her in front of your kids.(My Dad)

32.10 people can sleep, eat and have fun living in a family room for one week, with no power.(Mom and Dad)

33. Be prepared. (Mom and Dad)

34. Keep your temple recomend current, and you may get a house.(Mom and Dad)

35. Pay your tithing( Mom and Dad}

36. Read and study the scriptures. (Mom and Dad)

37. Pray always, even when you don't feel like it. (Mom and Dad)

38. As parents, you have to stick together, even when you don't agree. ( Mom and Dad)

39. Don't sneak out, there will be trouble.(MY Dad)

40. If you go fast over the bridge, you will bump high.(Mom and Dad)


Maryann said...

This is all great advise. Some of it may seem silly or even not that important but it all is. We are very lucky to have parents who give advice and then let you work thru whatever on your own. Number 28 is very important, it shows your kids you like to be with them and want to be on their level, but you really need a grown-up there telling you someone's going to get hurt. I've lived my life by #26 and 27. Can you believe that some women out there, have never received this important advice. It really is true. As my girls would say "All good advice, some more favorite, but all good."

janet said...

what a great list!!

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