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Sunday, May 11

I love you MOM!

MOM, You make me smile. You make me laugh. You make me think. You taught me to serve. You taught me to work. You taught me to love.

Never Ending Imagination

Sparkling eye's, as humming bird's float.
Fields fly by, crimson, burnt umber, yellow okra.
Hand's entwined with fabric and yarn,
Early morning haste, popping, blending, cutting, driving, chasing,
As children invoke a cherished embrace.
Cakes, bread, and Kidwiches,

Never ending imagination.

On stage, a voice that mesmerises, watching from the wings.
Determined to see doctors take care, little ones,broken arm,
Beautiful face, small white lipstick, red and pink
School reports, plays, costumes, games, music
Early morning skimming of strawberries and peaches,
Summers of painting in the garage

Never Ending Imagination

Star Wars, matinee, out of school;
Protector of home, snakes stay away,
Running for hot water, hair in trouble, looking for a sink,
Breathing fast, new life, John, Mathew,
Hill of snow and ice, car parked, church clothes, walking;
Arms and legs tied, laughter, misery,

Never Ending Imagination

No cart wheels in the middle of a game.
Listening, comforting , counseling,
Pray for friends, cry for boys,
Decorating dances, pizza at midnight,
Driving, Driving, Driving
Pinatas, pirates, and moon-meals,

Never ending Imagination.


Suzie Soda said...

Very creative. You must have a great mom..because you are a great daughter.
I hope she reads this today.

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