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Thursday, August 21

Happy Birthday Skip...40th!

Yesterday was Skip's 40th birthday. I struggled with what to do for Skip on this milestone in his life. Unfortunately Skip is a little difficult to buy for, as he usually gets what he wants or wants to research it to death before we buy.{ This is good , but I do not possess this talent}

I decided it would be fun to go and surprise him at work with balloons that said 40th on them. This way the people he spends a majority of his time with could share in this big day. Plus it would be embarrassing.

The kids and I went to the front desk to figure how to get in. Jack kept asking me over and over again all morning how I was going to attain this feat. Security is pretty tight. I thought I would just tell the front desk to call one of Skip's peers and they could get us up. Of course at the time I needed to remember last names I could not. Luckily for me Trent{ A guy from our ward, whom I kept calling Troy....I was a little stressed} came in from lunch and he with about three other guys helped us in.

We went up to where Skip's desk was and no Skip. These guys were on their phones trying to locate him and the other men that were with him. Mean while Skip was on the same floor , only on the opposite side of the building. He was in his bosses office. We went there only to find they had left to go to another office. Off we went, missing them again we doubled back hoping to run into them , nothing. It was like a strange chase scene in a comedic movie, but my kids were not laughing. Finally, one of the guys that was in our parade of people{ we had about eight more people by now. Every person that we ran into saw the balloons and would say who's 40? Skip, and they would join the chase}.... Anyway, this guy found out that skip and three other guys had left the building to go to lunch. Great, we missed him. I told him to find out where they were going and we would surprise him there. He began the conversation and everything was going fine till he found out he was on speaker phone and Skip was sitting right there listening. BUSTED! The kids where really disappointed and Blake didn't even want to continue the chase. Before this it had been such fun roaming thru small halls, around numerous cubicles, perfect for people under five foot to hide behind and get ready to pounce out and yell, Surprise!

So off we went to the Deli. It was anti climatic. The kids were not as into it and barely belted out Happy Birthday to You! We tried. !

While we were sitting there talking and laughing with Skip about the adventure we had endured; a lady, total stranger, that was probably in her eighties came up to our family and said that she had been watching us. This always makes you a little worried. She told us that she had three boys and two girls in their sixties and enjoyed her family very much. She said to Skip and I,"You have a lovely family, love them and enjoy every minute with them, because it goes by so fast." To me this is like God talking to me thru one of his angels. It keeps me in check and helps me to appreciate my family more.

After eating with Skip we took him back to the office and made him carry the balloons inside, which he did not want to do, TOO BAD! That is part of the fun.

Skip met me for dinner around 6:00. I asked the kids to decorate the place for a party, wrap presents and eat some chips and cheese for dinner. We had dinner at a new hibachi and sushi place that Skip loves. The kids would despise it so they were not invited.

While we were eating Sam did a great job wrapping the presents , Jack did a great job decorating and they did something that I did not ask them to do. They filled up water balloons to bomb bard Skip's car with when he drove up{ I missed this little event ,as I was getting the mail in my car and was about two minutes behind Skip. Dang!} When I {because you know I couldn't resist talking to them about the dangers of throwing water balloons at cars} Talked to them about this they pulled out this big red sign that they had used when Skip drove up and it said, in huge black letters," Dad Stop! And on the flip side of the sign "These are your other Birthday Balloons. HA! HA!..... Do you think they knew I might lecture them....mmmmmm.
After I fed them dinner. Which didn't seem to happen the way I asked them {to busy with water balloons.}We had cake and sang again to Skip. They painted pictures on canvas for him to decorate his office. We had a good time. The celebrations lasted into the night. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HONEY!!!!!


Lewismom said...

Congratulations Skip and wishing you many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!

Mom's Thoughts said...

Skip does have a thing about birthdays! Have him tell you about his 16th birthday that we planned a big party for and how it bombed because he decided to work.
Most everyone else had a good time.
Maybe you'll be able to surprise him at his 50th.

Marissa said...

guys are so hard to do birthdays for while I think girls are SO easy to do birthdays for... all you have to do is take us out to eat and give us a cute purse or shoes or gift card for a pedicure and we're happy!
I just figure I'll send Denton to Hooters and that'll make his birthday a special one. :)

Cristy said...

Glad you guys got a nice dinner out!!

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