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Tuesday, October 28


The question of the day; am I narcissistic? Maybe... I was reading a BLOG about how self indulgent Blogging is and how it just feeds our need to be important. "We are too busy celebrating ourselves and listening to the same tune we already know by heart."

As I blog, I am celebrating my family and maybe I want to share my opinions if anyone cares to read them. They are there for my kids to know what their Mom thought. I don't Scrapbook, but I will publish this into a nice little book for posterity"Has this made me more intelligent. Or more Christlike. Or more sensitive to the needs of others.?"

The lady in question States,"It has, at best, been neutral, and at worst, encouraged me to fixate upon my own feelings and opinions."

I have to say that as I have been blogging this past year it has made me stop, be still and look at life in a patient sort of way. See my family and all sorts of happenings differently.

I see more joy, where once I might have said lets go.
I see creativity, where once I might have stifled and shut them off .

I see new road stops, where once I might not have stopped.

I see helping hands, where once I saw hands in the way.

I see love notes, where once I would have missed them.

I see my family and am enjoying them more. I see Gods creations in a whole new light. I see mishaps, blunders, messes and I laugh. My children are seeing it too. I love it.

I have read other's Blogs and learned about gifts others have. I have learned new ideas. I have learned new ways to serve my fellow man. I have learned to cling to my blessings , savor my life. I have made new friends. I have been touched to tears and to fits of laughter.

Blogging has opened up a direct line of communication with my family. I know what is going on in their life and I can give some small encouragement. Isn't life about creating? That is what I am doing. Creating memories of thoughts and pictures of our life. Maybe I am Narcissistic. I am Okay with that. Has blogging helped you? What do you think?


Cristy said...

Funny you bring this up. I was thinking about this a couple weeks ago. Sometimes when I am posting to my own blog I wonder if I am just bragging about how cute my kids are (well, I think they are)Like, "hey look at me and the great stuff I do." I mean I don't really want to blog about the diaper rash Corbin has and how his teething has been getting really "old" if you know what I mean. how i am trying to curb the attitude that my 6 yr old has had from day 1. Or the fight I am in with my husband on a particular day. That is my reality though. Hmmmm....

I want to look "good". I think that we all want to put our best foot forward and YES I do think that blogging is a bit narcissistic.

I do agree with your point though, that it has opened up communication that as a family we needed to stay in touch. Technology is a good and bad thing at times.

Laurene Ross said...

I think everyone wants to look good, however we can show the mundane and even tough part of life, the human factor. I don't think I want to use this as a forum to thrash anyone as that is never my intent in the real world.

I want my kids to be able to go back and see what their Mom was like and my somewhat split personality. To see that I too struggled with lifes everyday challenges as well as found the joy in spilled milk.

Keep blogging Cristy, I love reading about your family and seeing them grow.

Suzie Soda said...

I love blogging and it has helped me get to know people better and feel more connected. I love reading your blog and seeing what you think and are doing. I don't feel you are self-absorbed. I feel like it is an outlet for you especially because you home school all day. I like how honest you are....you don't paint an inflated picture. I look fowars to reading people posts...they make me laugh and cry and think. I know people waste aloto fo time doing it.....I don't spend too much time on it but I don't think it is a wast of time either. So many ideas get shared....and recipes.
Don't let that article discourage you.....keep blogging. I am going crazy watching Obama on his paid half hour special...and blogging so I can stay calm. Good Luck. Suz xoxoxoxo

Lewismom said...

You girls with your blogs are creating a journal for the future. If you choose to put in diaper rash or not is not important. If you don't keep track of what the kids do, who will? If you don't tell about your triumphs and failures, who will? I applaud you for it Laurene. Love you, Mom

ShelleyG said...

I for one LOVE that you blog! It has helped me to stay up with your family even when you are far away. How could I do that unless you wrote about your life? And honestly, I like seeing the good stuff you do. :) I know no one is perfect, but by blogging (or journaling), you are helping your family know of the blessings they have. When I look back over my own blog, I feel happy and blessed...probably because I write about the happy, blessed times a lot! There is a blog that totally spoofs the whole idea- seriouslysoblessed.blogspot.com I laughed at it! :)

Keep bloggin baby!

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