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Tuesday, November 11


Do you ever feel like you just can't get the sleep you need?

And you feel the need to dose where ever you are?

Eating just wears you down.

You just don't have the energy to take one more bite.

Seriously, can't a girl get an in flight nap?

Your just to tired to walk.

Plopping down with a good book, takes on a whole new meaning, when you are tired.

Eating and sleeping, two basic needs, mesh well for you.

Sometimes a good blanket and a comfy couch do the trick.

It's amazing how flexible you become.

Those carpet commercials are so right.

You can sleep in any tight space.

Even a handsome prince can't wake you up.

It is easy if you are an angel.

HMMMM, don't even think about waking me up.

Car rides are a natural relaxer.

For all sizes.

High chairs aren't to shabby either.

Sometimes you just need a warm body to lull you to la la land.

The kitchen table is always good-

for a little shut eye.

Sam is just so cute when he sleeps.

Nothing to do with sleep, it just bust me up... hands free?

Sometimes, you just can't keep your eyes open, even sitting up.

Sometimes it is just in the genes.

Sometimes you just need to go to bed and not at the computer desk. Take my advice take a nap once in a while. You can do it almost anywhere. It does a body good, and don't call between 1 and 3. I need my beauty rest !


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