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Saturday, April 11

Happy Easter

Easter is such a great day. I like it because it falls on the Sabbath and Sunday is I think my most favorite day of the week. I love to go to church and worship our Savior. I love to remember, ponder, and study about Him. I love to be uplifted by participating in discussions that are faith driven. I love the joy that is whispered to my heart as the Holy Spirit testifies to me of eternal truths. I love that it is the day of rest. This I think is a bonus. The Lord is so smart to give us a day of rest....Thank you! I love my Savior Jesus Christ. "He is my joy and my song." He is the captain of my earthly journey. "By day and by night... He leads me along." He is my Salvation and all that am and all that I can become is because of him.

The Easter Bunny is just plain fun. I have very fond memories of Easter mornings as a kid. Chasing through the house trying to find my hidden basket. Finding other baskets and hiding them in a harder place so I could be the first to get mine. Then secretly giggle as I watched a brother or sister struggle to find their respective basket as I gather up the eggs. Terrible I know. Competitive....Yes!

Claire has explained to us in very clear terms that the Easter Bunny is a girl bunny and is very white and very fluffy. Good to know Claire.

Blake was extremely competitive this year in the finding of the eggs. He did not want to share because... he found them. This was the cause of some contention and leads me to believe or just reinforces what I have always thought { for the past twelve years at least} Easter egg hunts should be held on another day other than the Sabbath. The whole thing takes away from my feeling of peace and calm..... Really, it could be that all the kids are on a very heavy sugar rush, but by the end of the day I am to say the least not real peaceful...

Claire is sporting a cute little number she got from Aunt Maryann, which she has also informed is now her other Mom. She has two moms apparently the good one and the bad one. Which one do you think I am?....hm... I am fun and I am the one she climbs into bed with at two in the morning...

This activity is on my "What the What and Why on earth would I" list. Last year we did it after Easter. I did get it together, took a poll and we colored the eggs. Why on earth is this a tradition? It is messy, color on fingers and every where else. You can't hide these eggs, they go into the fridge, no one likes to eat them...What the What?...I end up throwing them away....waste...

These guys, however love to do this, so we do it.

Blake is concentrating very hard. It takes patience and determination to get the right shade of red, especially when your Mom buys brown eggs instead of white.

Skip helped Claire. She was as happy as a little girl!

Not too shabby for brown eggs.


Heather Payne said...

Thanks for sharing your fun traditions. MY tradition is to eat all of my kids' Easter candy and this year is shaping up to be no different than the last! The kids looked great. Happy Easter!

Maryann said...

I'm glad I could be the good MOM to someone. I think if you asked my girls they too would wish for the second fun mom. I already have a little boy who climbs into my bed. So I love you Claire and I'm glad you like your birthday/Easter dress. But your mom is awesome....

Suzie Soda said...

I love Easter too. It is fun to see all the girls in their Easter dresses and cute hairdo's. I am with you on the egg thing. I guess you could make potato salad out of them. I 'd go for plastic ...filled with chocolate.

George and Eva Ross said...

I missed dying eggs this year. They don't seem to do it here. It must be a US thing. I did make potato salad, though.

Lewismom said...

There is something nostalgic about the smell of vinegar as you dip the eggs in the dye. Didn't dye but I made some Easter Egg Cookies with colored frosting. No vinegar...no nostalgia!

Anonymous said...

We did our Easter egg hunt the day AFTER Easter and it made a big difference in the competitiveness/contention.

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