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Saturday, January 16

Seventeen Years Later......

Seventeen years ago today I was stranded in the SLC airport with my new husband. Our flight had been delayed. We were waiting to find out when we would be flying out to enjoy our three day honeymoon. Much to our disappointment we waited all day until about 11:30 at night when they finally canceled it. We spent the whole day in the Airport waiting and reading "Patriot Games" by Tom Clancy. So fun! A great way to spend your first day of marriage and it only got worse from there....the honeymoon I mean..... Lost luggage, (wearing sweats always makes a nice fashion statement when you are the bride and groom at a wedding reception) credit card issues (apparently you could only use it to pay for so much in a certain amount of time. This fact would have been nice to know.)....I could go on, but we are now seventeen years into the future..We have this angel of a kid. He likes to ham it up in every picture. Close your mouth please:) and yes the tree is still up...tomorrow...maybe....hopefully.....it will all come down.

At least we are back to doing our school work without any fuss. Cross your fingers.
Jack helped me out with Claires reading lesson...Thank you!
I was taking lots of picture today. I received a new camera for my anniversary.
Hey kid, get going on those dishes. He can't get enough of the song " Walk Like a Man"
Seriously, dishes!
Nice....you are so talented with the balancing, now to the dishes!
We are making some progress. At least he has a rag in his hand and is touching the dishwasher with the other.
A ham through and through. Quit with the balancing act and get to the dishes you fruit pie:)
Please......you're busting me up. Dishes now!
What are you doing?
Rocking out to 'The Jersey Boys!' Time to turn the music off.....to much distraction. Dishes!
My Angel eyes.
My Pumpkin Pie!
My future Knight.


This is something that I was so excited about. We were at the store last night to get some ice-cream. I was getting some "Coconut Bliss Dark Chocolate." Skip was getting "Dryers." I needed some Almond milk and I ran into this deal. Chocolate Hemp milk for .99 cents...rock on...I was so happy I purchased five of them ( they expire at the end of the month) My kids love it and it is so good for you. I am sure we can down this in the next two weeks.{ Skip just rolls his eyes at my excitement. He is not on the same page as me when it comes to food, but he eats what I cook...}
Claire was happy too!


Jenny said...

Happy anniversary! I'm glad things got better...

What kind of camera did you get? I'm in the market for one.

Keryn said...

Happy anniversary! We're so glad to be part of your family.

Suzie Soda said...

Happy Happy Anniversary. I hope I am alive when you are married 36 years like me so we can compare notes. xoxo

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