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Saturday, January 1

Blast Out The Old Year....Party 2010!

...So before we get to the dance....a couple things.....
........blast back about two weeks ago. Jack had his 14th birthday. I gave him some fresh, light and cool smelling cologne. He was some what confused as to why he needed this and what it was for. I just said,"Trust me. I know what I am talking about. Girls like boys that smell nice." He just smiled and shrugged his shoulders...umm okay. I knew this first dance was coming up, so we needed to slowly gear up for it.
I figured it would be pretty lame to send Jack off to a dance with out any practice. We spent a couple of nights before the dance practicing slow dancing and fast dancing. It was fun. My Mom and Dad taught us how to dance in our living room and I figured the tradition should live on!


It was between My friend Outi and me as to who would Chaperon these guys to the Church dance. I felt like this would be a great opportunity to see what Jack was in for and what we should expect in the upcoming months. I went. It was awesome!
...and we are off. The boys were in high spirits as we drove off the Island to the big party. I ask Jack to take this picture. We then realized we had no card in the camera. I had to turn around and head for home. I wanted pictures. I got a ton!
First stop, the ice Skating ring. The guys took a couple turns around the ice and then it was off to play broom hockey. I watched for about an hour as the hit the ball, laughed, fell and generally had a great time. I must have had a huge smile on my face. It was just so great to see Jack with friends and enjoying himself. These guys were all awesome and each thought of the others constantly.
After playing hard they hit the snack bar and the arcade.
A little pizza break at the Ward building and the dance was up and running......or dancing!
I was walking around taking random pictures when the lights went out and the music started. I couldn't find my boys anywhere. They were not on the dance floor......? Did they diss me? No, they had gone down stairs to play some games. I walked into a room to see Jack with a big grin on his face sitting on some strange girls lap. After that game the boys went to the sword fighting room and then a little twister.
Finally, up to the dance floor. The guys were really on Jack to find someone to dance with. I wondered away for a minute and missed him dancing with a girl for like 30 seconds...at least he got her name...AMY. Some man was walking around trying to find partners for these two girls and the boys threw Jack at her. Dang, no pictures of it, but I am pretty sure it happened since all five boys hunted me down to tell me...lol.... they rock!
I got one dance with Jack, although I would have loved to dance more.....since I am THE DANCING QUEEN. They played a ton of 80's music. It brought back so many memories.
Before it was time to count down some of the guys went back down to play a few more games.
I mean when you can pound your friend or dance with a strange girl and you are 14-15 years old what would you rather do?

The count down...The balloons down..... the stomping the singing...and no one for me to kiss:(
These guys were so great. They were all respectful and helpful to each other. The hung out together and kept tabs on each other. It was great to see.

I asked Jack if he minded me going and he said he was glad I went. My Mom and Dad were always around for dances and parties. It just seemed like a natural thing. I hung back most of the time, but the guys kept drawing me back in, eager to tell me what was up.

PS. I drove the speed limit all night. I was completely aware at all times of my speed. I saw 15 cop cars driving home and was very glad that I prayed for safety and that I would be acutely aware of my speed.


Brooke said...

I'm so glad you went back for your camera! Those pictures are great. What an awesome group of friends. I sort of wish Jared had gone, but I was a bit paranoid about him being out on the icy roads so late at night.

Laurene Ross said...

There were cops everywhere:) I felt pretty safe. We left right at twelve. I think people tend to linger a bit after New Years at partys, but this boys were just like men....okay, did accomplished the goal, now let's go.

Maryann said...

Looks like you all had so much fun. Riley's dance was dress up. She always say's no one will ask her to dance. Maybe we need to import Jack and his friends.

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